august 1, 2014

After a fun afternoon exploring Seattle, we met up with Chrissy and Jeanel for dinner at The Crab Pot on the waterfront at Pier 57 in downtown. After a bit of a wait (having stood in a long line simply to put our names down for what would be another wait), we were eventually seated outside. This restaurant is best known for their “seafeasts”, various large seafood boils, steamed along with a healthy amount of spices, then poured table side onto butcher paper, given mallet and bibs, and go to town shared table side. We ordered four of the Westports (Dungeness crab, snow crab, shrimp, steamed clams, and Pacific mussels, corn, and red potatoes; we passed on the andouille sausage) and dug in. Finished the meal sharing a strawberry shortcake and vanilla ice cream.

Sure, the place is a tourist trap (with prices to match), but the seafood was fresh and perfectly cooked, and most importantly, delicious, never mind the whole experience being a ton of fun. Well worth the cost and wait.

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