For our second triathlon of the year, we headed out to Lake Perris for the Big Rock Olympic Triathlon. Not realizing how far it was when we signed up, our morning started at 3am with a 1.5 hour drive out to the lake. When we arrived, it was still dark out and there was a thick fog that stayed through the start of the race. Despite the fog, the race director decided to continue with the swim, which turned out to be a poor decision. Everyone was zigzagging across the lake, unable to sight and follow a straight line. The bike portion consisted of two loops with one challenging hill. The run was on a paved trail and crossed a dam. When we finished and checked our times, Jen was happy to find that she placed third overall amongst the women and second in her age group. On the drive home, we stopped for Korean soon tofu at Myung Dong Tofu Restaurant.

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