One of the motivators for getting us out to the desert this weekend, in addition to camping, was the prospect of riding portions of the Tour of Borrego. The official ToB was to take place the following weekend, but we already had plans for then. Thankfully, however, the route had been posted online, letting us plan rides along parts of the course.

For Saturday’s ride, Leslie joined us while Cody stayed with the dogs at the campground. We started out from the Anza-Borrego State Park and took a loop around Borrego Springs.

Between staying up late, daylight saving time, and a delicious and leisurely breakfast, we did not get the early start to Sunday’s ride for which we had hoped, so we decided to cut the planned ride in half. This time time Leslie played dog-watcher, while we set out riding with Cody, leaving from the main traffic circle in Borrego Springs.

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