The 102-mile Tour de Palm Springs was our first century ride. The morning started out cold – a nippy 38F. We were ready, though, decked out in extra gloves, base layers, and arm and leg warmers. What we were not ready for were the wind and hills the first hour. Now we know why they have wind farms out in Palm Springs. Thankfully, the second hour started with a long downhill straightaway where we both hit 40mph. We came across little groups of riders here and there and drafted off them as much as we could. We bypassed the first and second SAG stops, but pulled into the third at mile 47, where we had a pb&j sandwich, m&ms, refilled our waters, and were on our way again. For a good portion of the second half, we latched onto some fun groups and paced each other toward the end. There was great camaraderie between all the cyclists. We hit mile 100 on our bike computers and soon we could hear the music playing. We knew we were near the finish! After getting off our bikes, we stopped by an Argentinian food truck and had a spinach empanada, three tacos, and blue cheese fries. We sat, ate and relaxed for awhile, basking in the joy of finishing 100 miles.

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