With family in town for the winter holidays, Christopher got to play Los Angeles tour guide for a couple of days after Christmas. First stop was the Getty Center. The rains had finally stopped falling, and we were treated to gorgeous views of LA. We kept our visit short, and focused on a select few of the exhibitions: photography exhibits of works by Robert Mapplethorpe and Ray Metzker, plus paintings and illuminations of Florence at the start of the Renaissance. The following day, we visited another art museum, this time heading to LACMA. There, we walked through Michael Heizer’s outdoor sculpture “Levitated Mass”, before heading inside to see some of Heizer’s life-size photographs. We next toured the Ed Ruscha exhibit “Standard”, then walked the large temporary collection of surrealist works “Drawing Surrealism”, before heading downstairs to see Chris Burden’s “Metropolis II”, which was unfortunately not running that day.

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