june 4, 2011

Ondal 2 is a Korean restaurant located in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles, just to the south of Koreatown, that specializes in soups and stews prepared tableside.

Our meal began with a smorgasbord of small dishes (banchan), including kimchi, octopus, sweet seaweed, pickled root, sweet potato, plus another half dozen or so. We also ordered a huge seafood pancake to complement these other appetizers.

For the main dish, we chose the medium size spicy crab soup. This would be served over four delicious courses. To start, the broth is simmered with three flower crabs, mushrooms, young bean sprouts, and lots of spices. The first course consists of the stuffed crab shells, filled with crab meat, roe, and rice. After that, we turned to the soup itself, loaded with crab legs and vegetables. For the third course, more broth was added to the soup pot, along with green vegetables and noodle dough. The final course consisted of fried rice, with crab broth and kimchi, served alongside icy kimchi water. The meal ended with a bowl of sweet malted rice and ginger iced water for dessert.

We left stuffed, very satisfied, and with bags of leftovers.

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