september 6, 2010

Chris made a meal for Jennifer based on a lunch he had in Lisbon in the summer of 2005. This time around it was served with 2007 Palmela, a Portuguese wine. And since he couldn’t find any Portuguese cheeses at the market that day, he served it with a pair of Spanish cheeses – a 6 month raw milk Manchego and Mitica Capricho de Cabra.

Portuguese Sardines

10 sardines
garlic, thinly sliced
Italian parsley
salt, pepper

Cut from head to tail along belly and clean out cavity under running water. De-scale fish with back of knife, then pat try (inside and out). Make three diagonal cuts along both sides of each fish. Drizzle fish with olive oil, salt each inside and out, then pepper and toss with sliced garlic.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Heat press and skillet grill over high heat on stove for four minutes. Brush each piece lightly with canola oil. Turn off heat on stove, place fish in skillet, apply press and let cook for four minutes. Transfer fish to oiled oven-safe pan and cook for additional four minutes in oven.

Garnish fish with chopped parsley. Serve with potatoes (Yukon Golds, boiled until just soft and seasoned with salt and pepper) and side salad (mixed greens, carrots, onion and tomatoes tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette).

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