august 9, 2009

After a pleasant crepe breakfast and lunch at Froma, for dinner we headed to the much hyped restaurant, Palate, which we had been eager to try for some time. On Sunday nights (which this was), the chef prepares a 3-course “Sunday Supper Menu” based on what’s fresh at local markets. To our meal we decided to add on an appetizer – a mason jar of shrimp pate (actually quite good) and crostini.

Our “supper” consisted of shelled bean salad, halibut, and an apricot compote dessert.

Overall the meal was rather disappointing. Restaurant atmosphere is quite drab/generic, the wait staff is inattentive, and the food was only decent (rather uninspired). But this was our anniversary, so even an overpriced and overhyped dinner couldn’t spoil our evening together.

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